With Mistress away, the boys will play

Alright sissies, sluts and slaves…guess who is back and feeling better! That’s right, your Mistress is back and ready to play. Did you miss me? I know that I missed you and can’t wait to torment and tease you to show you just how much ;) I had a caller my second night back who was…very entertaining to say the least. Slut-boy Steven was one of the most eager boys I have talked to and had some pretty great ideas on what it took to be a good slut. Slut-boy Steven would do anything to please his mistress. I know many if not all say you would anything but I decided to put this to the test. Steven sucked anything I put in front of him… and then asked for more! Whoa what stamina my slut had, when his session ended he turned around and called again… couldn’t get enough of a great thing. Sucking for Mistress equals a very happy slut.

Thank You’s need to go out to everyone for making my birthday amazing! You boys sure know how to spoil your mistress. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much. I had so much fun chatting with the cute UPS Driver who wanted to know what the deal was with all the packages and why he was coming to my house 3-4 times a week. I think at first he thought I was a compulsive shopper but once I explained that I was a Mistress and it was my birthday…well I am not sure if that made things clearer or confused the poor guy further. I could tell he had a million questions… I would be very interested in the way that conversation would go. :)

Request for audio’s have been coming my way as well so I am going to make a diligent effort to get a few out in the next week or two. I will post them here on my blog as well as on the LDW Audio Website. I would love to know what you guy’s think once they are up. Also if you EVER have an idea for a free audio that you might want to hear, send it my way. I also do custom audios for those interested in those. When you can’t call for a sexy phone session just strike up the audio I have made you…. sighing your name, telling you what I want… what to do…yummy!


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