Coached Cocksucking- Oral Fixation Rotation

I’m in a very naughty mood…so today is about pushing your limits…aren’t you always telling me that you would do anything for me?  You have been naughty before, imagine what I’m going to ask you to do today.

I know you’ve thought about sucking another guy’s cock before, haven’t you? Don’t be ashamed. Every guy thinks about cocksucking at least once in their life. It’s totally natural to want to have a taste. Perhaps you’ve even experimented, practiced…maybe tasted your own cum…

I love watching guys suck cock. It’s a secret fantasy of mine. You on your knees, your mouth open, ready … (sighs) yes, that would be amazing.  I am already getting wet at the thought…let’s explore this a little. Indulge me pet.

I could bring in some “select” guys and soon you would be surrounded by big, thick cocks, all ready for you and that hot little mouth. I’d guide your head close to one, whispering for you to take that cock into your mouth. Don’t you always want to obey and please me?

Your first lick would be tentative, as if you are unsure as to what is going to happen. Hmmm…..maybe you are afraid that you will actually like sucking cock. You close your eyes and I see you take that cock deeper into your mouth, I know you are enjoying yourself because I can see your own dick is throbbing. I am standing beside you, issuing instructions that you are so desperate to follow.  Cock after cock, you gulp them down as if they were water and you are in the damned Sahara desert. Oral fixation rotation.  Your protesting and insecurities turn into moans as you love every moment of it……..

It’s so naughty but so nice, a fun way to spend the day.  My mind begins to wander at the possibilities. Of course the next stage in the game is strap-on training. I think you may be ready for that…


4 comments to Coached Cocksucking- Oral Fixation Rotation

  • I think all boys are afraid that they would like sucking cock too much… once they get the feel of that cock in their mouth, something just takes over and they can’t do without it! Of course, I love that… *giggle*

    Princess Heather xox

  • Omgosh Peyton, I love watching a guy give another guy a blowjob. I’m like a guy who loves to see to hot girls get it on, but I wanna see the men licking and sucking! ;)

  • hootiemn

    If I could start with loving on your feet, I would go along with whatever else you wanted, even if I did have to take a cock, I would love to forced by you

  • SissyboyUK

    Mmmmm that sounds lovely. I’d love to dress up in pretty lingerie and have my make up done, and then suck on a hard cock for you. Giggle I’d swallow his cum too xxx

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