Sexy Coming Out, Shout Out

Confession Time 800-356-6169

Confession Time 800-356-6169


Happy New Year one and all, it’s time to leave old hang ups and insecurities behind and embrace the New Year. That being said, I am going to give a few callers a nice little SHOVE into coming out and revealing all their nasty little secrets. No worries, some of them actually GAVE me permission to share ;)

(Get your panties out of a knot, ALL of them gave the okay)

First off let me introduce ITMM (aka: In the Masturbating Mood) which in my book is ironic, because men are ALWAYS in the masturbating mood. He wanted to “see his name in lights”….far be it from me to deny him. Hahahahahaha…I just read what I wrote. So anyways…..I thoroughly enjoyed my marathon call with ITMM, and as you can imagine I left him completely spent and raw, aching and an angry shade of red…as was his complexion :) I must say this was a learning experience for me, as my nasty little hand humper introduced me to a few interesting phrases along the way.  Who knew that there was a difference between good old sex and partnered sex. According to ITMM, he hasn’t had “partnered-sex” in quite some time, but with free abandonment engages in “sex” (aka: self-love) as often as he can. He calls it self love, I call it chronic masturbation. Potato, Potat-o (giggles)

My next shove goes to Mr. L who has more naughty desires than I can count. Not only does he love to share them with me in flirty phone sessions, he wants me to share them with friends and listen as they gasp and giggle at his naughty ways. He lusts after college age cuties (who doesn’t?) with one in particular that really gets his juices flowing. He regularly confesses his desires to me, which I listen eagerly to, then spin them into a fantasy to use against him! The fact that he spends all his money on me, and likes when I whisper kinky things in his ear is just a bonus. The nastier the better, right L? Plus he has experience with dressing up like a girl and getting plugged with a strap-on….extra kudos to THAT!!

So what is it about being “exposed” or “outed” that has such an appeal for so many? I think it’s the embarrassment and the excitement of having your secrets told to others…a form of exhibitionism if you will. And being privy to those confessions and secrets appeals to the voyeur in many of us……I know I certainly enjoy it.


Naughty Things For Nice Pets, Part Two

Naughty or Nice? 1-800-356-6169

Naughty or Nice? 1-800-356-6169

When I got in the door, I was greeted by a bunch of my favorite subs, all naked and holding out presents.
Well this was going to be very interesting…

What present should I open first?

One of the subs respectfully indicated that I should start at one end of the line and so I did, opening that first gift and pulling out a new leather strap-on harness. I immediately smiled and got some wicked ideas. The next present was a pair of anal beads, perfect for a newbie strap-on pegging victim.

Then there was a bottle of lube and the gift after was a small tapered butt plug. As I opened each present from my favorite subs, I was getting more and more excited. There was no way I wasn’t going to use these tonight!

The last two presents were dildos, both of varying size. I was about to open my mouth and say something when in unison, all of my subbies faced towards the wall, pulled down their pants and bent over.

Immediately I reached for the harness. These sub whores were definitely going to get it. In fact, I was sure a few of them would rue getting me these gifts because they were going to get the pounding of a lifetime.

I grabbed the bigger dildo and began to lube it up. I lubed up the butt plug as well, sticking it into the ass of my next victim while I fucked the first.
I pressed the dildo against Sub #1’s pucker and pushed in. He let out a moan as I began to thrust in and out of him, relishing the power I had over him. It’s such a sexually erotic feeling to take someone in that manner.

One by one, I reamed each of their man-pussies until they were begging me for more. Instead I slipped off the harness and made them worship my body until the sun came up.

They were definitely going to be on the naughty list for next year and I looked forward to tormenting them because of it!

To all my wonderful boys and gurls……Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *Kisses* Ms. Peyton


Naughty Things For Nice Pets, Part One

Naughty or Nice? 1-800-356-6169

Naughty or Nice? 1-800-356-6169

I woke up this morning with a funny feeling the holidays were going to be a little different this year…..boy was I right!  It all started with a letter. One that instructed that I had to be at the North Pole immediately. I took a flight (then a dog sled) and I was there, meeting with the elves and finding out how I can help Christmas. You see, Santa is super busy with all the kids, but what about everyone else?

I was going to be in charge of handing out presents to all the naughty boys. Oh what fun it is to laugh and tease, the naughty boys tonight! (Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells) I got straight to work.

First I started with the sissies. I filled their stockings with panties and lipstick and cute little bras. Of course I wasn’t just giving out presents. After all, you have been both naughty and nice haven’t you? Coal was not the answer so I decided to give out some punishments instead.

For the sissies, I told them to wear panties under their clothes for a whole week. And then they had to get purposely caught by someone. How humiliating!  The sissies also got some new butt plugs. I put those in the stockings of my strap on lovers as well.

Whatever size they were used to, I went up one or two sizes. In fact, I put some rather large dildos in there too. For my cocksucking boys, they will definitely be pleased at that!

I had just begun and was already tired. I don’t know how Santa does it! But I was determined that all of the naughty subs get their Christmas presents this year.

I gave out cock rings and chastity belts, lube and plastic pussies. Every sub in the world had a brand new present to spark their naughty side.

Now Santa is supposed to remain hidden but I couldn’t do that! Instead I spent my time playing with the boys. At one point, I had subs from all over the world jerk off for me on web cam! There’s nothing like tease and denial with a hundred guys at once!

Of course I didn’t let any of them cum!

Many of them got on their knees to thank me so I sat on their faces and let me lick me till I came. That will put them on the nice list next year for sure. :)

Finally I headed home.

When I got in the door, I was greeted by a bunch of my favorite subs, all naked and holding out presents.

Well this was going to be very interesting…

Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned to find out how my Christmas adventure ends!

If you think I’ve been good this year, don’t forget to check out my Wish list. Happy Holidays! *Kisses*

(I bet you didn’t know that I knew Santa Claus, did you? Well back then he just went by Nick, drove a truck and not a sleigh and it was a six-pack, not a bowl full of jelly….but he was always wearing red and hanging out with little people….I really should have been paying more attention!)


10 Things I Learned In Vegas….

Bad-Ass Sexy Mistress

Bad-Ass Sexy Mistress

I owned Las Vegas! I walked into that town and took the place over…….NOT. I need a shirt that says “Las Vegas kicked my ASS.” Seriously I had a fabulous time, but OMG, what a ride! It is literally a non-stop hedonistic town, heavy on indulgence and excess…light on subtle and subdued.  It was an experience I am never going to forget. Sin City was a blast and I got to hang with the sexiest Mistresses around…how lucky am I? And how jealous are you? LOL…that’s what I thought. I wanted to share a few things I learned while in Vegas…these are the top ten:

  • Welcome to Las Vegas sign should read “Welcome to Lost Wages”
  • Shop with friends, that way they can catch you when you faint from the price tag
  • Those cards the guys are handing out while you are walking the strip are NOT coupons for the nearest buffet
  • There is no 3-foot rule in the Vegas strip clubs
  • Ms Ryan’s callers have the BEST taste  in shoes, and Yes, Ms. Violet really is THAT nice
  • A multi-million dollar state-of the-art hotel has third-world-country cell phone reception
  • Ms. Brianna says the sexiest game in the casino is Craps – if the croupier said “the four came HARD” one more time she’d have cum right there at the table
  • If it’s wearing an LBD and sitting at the bar, it’s either a hooker or a trannie – or both
  • Ms Brianna is an expensive date – 5 margaritas in 2 hours and she was still turning me down
And last but certainly not least:
  • Girls can’t marry each other in Vegas (we tried!)
For those are you that were hoping to connect with me, I must apologize (see bullet 6). However I am back and ready to share some of the naughty tales and fun I had while there. Let’s get together for some sexy phone fun and talk soon. *Kiss*



Mistress Mayhem, IN VEGAS BABY!

Mistress Peyton 800-356-6169

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Fun Fetish Explosion

Als je in een traditioneel casino speelt, is het altijd een goede gewoonte om de dealer een tip te geven. Like we’ve stressed time and time again, those who have a good understanding of blackjack strategy can lower the house edge immensely..


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Be careful what you wish for: A Strokerboy’s Tale


Two Mistress Phone Call Fun

Double Your Trouble, If You Dare

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Playing With Fire: A Cock Tease

Hello pets, I know, I know…it’s been forever since I posted! Naughty Ms. Peyton, wanna spank me? To make-up for the lack of posting I have recorded a new audio. (You didn’t think I was sitting on my perfect little ass doing nothing did you?) This audio was written by a fan, and I . . . → Read More: Playing With Fire: A Cock Tease